Wine Cellar


The vineyard is our body, the wine cellar is our heart, and the wine is the soul of this body.

Our current cellar was built in 2004 and is located under the vineyard. The modern equipment in it is only a helper in the production and maturation of the wine, which is still produced according to tradition.

In our cellar mature elegant white wines and varieties typical of their variety, which are underlined by the Pannonian climate, which is characterized by greater temperature differences between day and night, relatively dry summers and proper winters. The environment in which our vineyard is situated is one of the best wine-growing areas in the world.

The wines mature in old wooden barrels and modern cisterns. The depth of the cellar guarantees the most favourable temperature, 12 degrees Celsius. With the experience we have gained over the years, we ensure the top quality of our wines.

Everyone who thinks well is welcome in our cellar.  We are happy to guide them from barrel to barrel – with a glass in their hand.